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Glycerol Esters E471
The Glycerol Esters we offer are the esters made from fatty acids and glycerol. These can be used as the lubricants, antifogging agents, plasticizers, processing aids, defoamers and antistats. The bio functional activity of these are really appreciable.
Sorbitan Esters - E 491/492/494

Sorbitan Esters - E 491492494 we offer are the advanced ingredients, which can be utilized as the advanced quality stabilizers as well as of emulsifier. They can work as the advanced quality additives. These are needed for the food applications.

Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters - E 472e

Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters - E 472e is an emulsifier that is primarily suited for baking applications. These used for baking to boost the gluten web in dough. These can be used for making crusty breads and provide a springy and tough texture.

Acetic Acid Esters - E 472a

Acetic Acid Esters - E 472a we offer are functional as the major esters of acetic acid. They are commonly suited as the advanced solvents for inks, coatings and paints. They are required for the production of metal acetates and plastics.

Emulsifying Waxes
Emulsifying Waxes we offer are the chemicals, which are needed for binding the oil and water collectively. These are used to make smooth lotion, emulsion and creams. These are used by the cosmetics as well as pharmaceutical companies for making the lotions and creams of different types.
Emulsifier Blends
Emulsifier blends we offer have an important role in the food industry. These are also suited for the bakery ingredients industry and allow for a standardized distribution of water and oil. These can be added to achieve the consistent blends.

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